Individual Consultation

The end objectives in working with Mindy include In the Now Moment learning (some say AH-HA’s) and growth to move toward creating and fulfilling one’s life purpose, dreams, and goals.

Individual Consultation

Mindy’s individual sessions are a combination of her gifts as consultant and coach – the true Edge Runner that she is! Although possibilities are limitless, Mindy works with her clients exactly where they are, pointing them inward.

Mindy shares human experiences and concepts to assist the client in moving from where they are to where they desire to be. Mindy’s work is In The Now Moment, and unlike a traditional therapist or counselor she does not encourage dragging up old baggage and skeletons in the subconscious mind. Mindy literally coaches her clients to create the life he/she desires. She coaches In The Now and helps the client to shift old thought patterns, taking them to their Edge of discovering new ways of living and being in a higher reality. She is highly skilled in seeing what others may not, and she capitalizes on these gifts in helping those she serves.

Some people experience profound changes in perception that immediately get them on track with only one session, while others prefer to work individually with Mindy over time. Only the client can determine what works best for them.

Contact Mindy for a free 15 minute consultation. Then YOU decide if she is a good fit for working with YOU!

One Hour Individual Phone Consultation:   $270
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Group of 6 Individual Phone Consultations:  $1,260
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Individual Intensive – Held in Charlotte,NC


All too often life gets in the way, and we need an opportunity to unplug from work, routines, Facebook, email, texts, family members, and the world news to take a look at a picture much bigger than we realize we are a part of. During the individual intensive you will learn about some discoveries that can change everything about your life. This is a learning, personal growth and development ‘time-out’ to give you a firm grasp of the philosophies and principles Mindy has learned through her experiences; shares and  teaches to others  – – which can be life altering.

During the minimum three days you will have one-on-one sessions with Mindy twice each day. The sessions average 2 hours each usually one in the morning and one in afternoon. In Mindy’s In The Now Moment approach, if the situation presents to proceed through all 4 hours in one setting, then with the client’s agreement, all 4 hours are completed, and the remainder of client’s day is free for contemplation and directed exploration of the day’s learnings. There will be breaks during the sessions for reflection, review of supporting materials or exercises for practice of new teachings. The sessions consist of discussion and focused learning that is specifically oriented to the client’s life and current situation.

Contact Mindy to discuss customizing additional number of days or number of people involved.

Client is responsible for all travel, accommodation, and meal arrangements in Charlotte.

Individual Intensive – Minimum: $3,600
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Individual Intensive – Held in your location


Mindy has clients across the United States and around the globe. With her professional background, cross cultural experience and gifts, under certain circumstances, Mindy will come to you – domestically or internationally. She views the world as her home and the countries of the globe as rooms in her house. The guidelines and teachings are exactly the same as if the client visited Charlotte, NC. Internationally, depending on location, language translation requirements, among cost of living indices Mindy’s minimum intensive charges vary.

For serious inquiries contact Mindy to discuss possible arrangements, fees, number of persons, and requirements for this custom designed service.


  1. Please DO NOT pay for a consultation until it is confirmed with Mindy or her office.
  2. Contact Mindy by email for information on Intensives. Intensives are designed specifically for Client and his/her needs and can be held in Charlotte or another location.
  3. Additional customized packages are available. Please contact Mindy to discuss.
  4. Client is responsible for accommodation, meals, and travel to Charlotte, NC for Intensives held there.
  5. Prices are subject to change without notice.

A Message of Gratitude

Dear Clients, Students, and Event Attendees;

It comes with heartfelt thanks and gratitude that you have and continue to bestow the honor and grace of your presence on me. At times we have explored the deepest, darkest, inner workings of your lives to gain greater clarity of truth and purpose. You have shared your souls in a place of trust and confidentiality and in doing so, have given me some of the greatest gifts and teachings in my life. Without you, I could not be all that I am, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Always with God’s love and light,