Why Contact Mindy?

  • To get support during a transition: serious illness, loss of a loved one, divorce, layoff, any event that disrupts your life
  • To connect with your innate ability to navigate in the visible and invisible realms
  • To change behaviors that are no longer serving
  • To improve relationships at home or at work
  • To enhance a career, get a promotion, or move into a new field
  • To deepen an understanding of mind, thought, and consciousness
  • To lead a change initiative in an organization or community
  • To work with a team to increase effectiveness
  • To discern thoughts and ideas, as we realize the many different intelligences that are influencing our lives moment-to-moment

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A Message of Gratitude

Dear Clients, Students, and Event Attendees;

It comes with heartfelt thanks and gratitude that you have and continue to bestow the honor and grace of your presence on me. At times we have explored the deepest, darkest, inner workings of your lives to gain greater clarity of truth and purpose. You have shared your souls in a place of trust and confidentiality and in doing so, have given me some of the greatest gifts and teachings in my life. Without you, I could not be all that I am, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Always with God’s love and light,