Intuitive Gifts

With each life challenge my extrasensory and intuitive gifts strengthened. God blessed me with the gift and ability to communicate with beings that are not visible to the naked eye.

I’ve learned to work with these beings on behalf of those I am here to assist. I communicate with people who are non-responsive, dying, or in a coma, often working with their guides and sometimes loved ones who have already crossed over. I assist in the death transition to whatever extent God allows. Sometimes I receive communication for the family, sometimes I help the individual who may be in fear or another uncomfortable in-between state. If anything confusing for them shows up, I often assist in bringing clarity to them—which brings greater ease and comfort in their transition. I do not do anything for them; I simply guide them from the physical plane.

My message is not about addiction (although it can be), or losing a child (although it can be), or losing the best professional career one could have (although it can be), or about gifts of the spirit (although it can be). It’s about change. True change. Change as a result of experience. Change as the one constant in life. Not just talking about change, but embracing change no matter how difficult. Living change, becoming an example for others, embodying and reflecting change as a new way of life. It’s about reaching a new edge inside ourselves and learning to embrace our deepest fears—those that are buried deep and often hold us back.

Change is about meeting wisdom. It is about learning how easy, peaceful, and comfortable our lives can be—no matter what external event occurs. Once we connect with this inner part of our being, our lives change eternally. We get the life we want. We get the job we want. We have the peace we want. We connect with others in a way we never knew possible. We reach a new level of happiness.

So, that’s why I’m here: to use the lessons my life has taught me, to help you, to guide you to your edge—and to watch you fly.



A Message of Gratitude

Dear Clients, Students, and Event Attendees;

It comes with heartfelt thanks and gratitude that you have and continue to bestow the honor and grace of your presence on me. At times we have explored the deepest, darkest, inner workings of your lives to gain greater clarity of truth and purpose. You have shared your souls in a place of trust and confidentiality and in doing so, have given me some of the greatest gifts and teachings in my life. Without you, I could not be all that I am, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Always with God’s love and light,