There is a place in all of us . . . a place beyond our common sense, beyond our comfort zone . . . a place where we have never been before . . . a place between now and what will be. It’s a place where innovation sits and our creativity waits to be explored. . . a place where we step into our true power . . . a place where we leave fear behind and embrace a new day. That place just beyond the edge.

Sometimes we need someone to take our hand and guide us to that new place—to show us who and what we can become and to guide us through and beyond our edge.
My name is Mindy, and I’m the catalyst that can take you to that place. So take my hand and let’s leave fear behind. Let’s meet the inner part of you that is always connected to an infinite intelligence that knows!

10 Time Award Winning

“In The Hero in Heroin, Mindy’s story conveys an alternative experience of reality and human consciousness vital to how some view the soul, spirit, and the potential non-physical realms of being. Mindy is an engaging storyteller and has masterfully depicted the potential for one special human being’s spiritual transformation. The synthesis, synchronicities, and balancing of Mindy and Micah’s experiences exemplify the evolutionary nature of unconditional Love.”

—Dr. John Demartini, best-selling author of Inspired Destiny

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A Message of Gratitude

Dear Clients, Students, and Event Attendees;

It comes with heartfelt thanks and gratitude that you have and continue to bestow the honor and grace of your presence on me. At times we have explored the deepest, darkest, inner workings of your lives to gain greater clarity of truth and purpose. You have shared your souls in a place of trust and confidentiality and in doing so, have given me some of the greatest gifts and teachings in my life. Without you, I could not be all that I am, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Always with God’s love and light,